1st World Frontball Championship in MEXICO !!

Feb 16, 2017

Mexico D.F., 13th February 2017

Official statement FIPV:

The 1st World Frontball Championship will take place in Mexico from 18th to 22nd July 2017.

There will be three categories:

– Elite male.

– Elite female.

– Sub-22 male.

The bases and calling for competition will be released shortly.

Extensive day of meetings chaired by Xavier Cazaubon, the president of the FIPV, and Julián García, General Secretary of the FIPV and the President of the FEP, accompanied by José Berbegal, Economic Vice-President, Jean Michel Idiart, Frontball Manager, and Jorge López, Sports Area Manager, in which both present and future sporting and economic issues of the FIPV were addressed.

During the afternoon, focusing on the planning of the World Frontball Championship, Jorge Alberto Molina, the President of the Mexican Federation of Basque Pelota and Fronton, joined the interventions, in which the lines of action and the scheduling for this new competition were established.



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