OFFICIAL FIPV RELEASE – Reunion CO Biarritz 2022

Mar 3, 2022

Yesterday afternoon, the meeting of the Biarritz 2022 Organization Committee was held by telematic means, in which organizational and logistical matters were advanced.

The members of the Committee on the part of the FIPV are its President Xavier Cazaubon, its Secretary Julián García, the Vice-Presidents Claire Dutaret and Philippe Lafitte, and its Director Jorge López, while on the part of the FFPB they are Lilou Echeverria President, René Hardoy Undersecretary, and the directors Stéphane Sant-Laurent, Béñat Cazenave and Christophe Jeleznoff.

The World Cup venues for the different modalities are definitively established (in the absence of official documents of the necessary adjustments to be undertaken), these are:

  • Bidart, which will host Frontball.
  • Fal (Biarritz) where the 30 meter Fronton will be held.
  • Plaza Berri (Biarritz) that will take over the 36 meter Fronton.
  • Biarritz Jai-Alai (Biarritz) with the Pediment 54 meters.
  • Trinquete Moderno (Bayonne) where the specialties of leather paddle and rubber paddle will be competed, and the Trinquete Berria (Hasparren) for the share and the hand.

On the other hand, the communication plan was proposed, covering both streaming and written and audiovisual media, the social media strategy and the implementation of the website as a nerve center of information for both followers and participating delegations.

The production company MEDIAPRO will visit the venues in order to present a needs report to be able to carry out the broadcasts of the competition.

Finally, a new OC meeting has been set for March 9 at 6:00 p.m., and this Friday at 11:00 a.m. with a single point and staff assistance for communication.

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