Why are locations important?

Carrying out “out of competition” doping controls is vital to avoid the consumption of doping substances during the training phase. In these controls, metabolites can be detected that may have been eliminated from the body when the competition took place. Without location it is very difficult to carry out controls without prior notice.

Who is subject to the localization regime?

Only those athletes who are included in the Monitoring Group of an anti-doping organization and/or an international federation have to report their location (availability and place to carry out a doping control within a time slot of one hour a day). Location data is renewed quarterly and in addition to the one-hour time window, information on planned competitions, regular tasks (work, training), planned trips and contact details for notifications must be included.

How do I know if I have to present my location?

Anti-doping organizations (AEPSAD in Spain) and international federations officially communicate to athletes both their inclusion and exclusion from the Monitoring Group.

The AEPSAD sends the athlete a notification via certified mail with the official resolution of the Director of the Agency.

Do I have to be located every day of the year?

Yes, the athletes included in the monitoring group must always be located in the time slot that you yourself indicate . It is the athlete's responsibility to update their data, which can be done at any time before the indicated time and date expires. When a trip arises and it is not possible to define a time slot, this fact must be notified. The most effective and secure notification and update system is ADAMS.