Asian gambling mafia firmly in control of European football

The images are blurry and clear at the same time. According to reporters from the British newspaper The Telegraph during one of their famous undercover investigations, English amateur league football matches can be bought for as little as £70,000, and a yellow card is deliberately bought for £5,000.

“This is England, prices are higher there than anywhere else,” says the sponsor of the bet almost apologetically during the operation of a hidden camera. It's still worth it if the player knows the outcome beforehand.

The first major manipulation scandal in England is still only in its infancy uncovered; a country that likes to brag about the inventor of football and its atmospheric and powerful Premier League is still in shock. Six people were arrested on Wednesday, including at least three players and a former Premier League player who now works as a consultant. It is not clear which games were rescheduled, and the names of almost all of the participants are also unknown.

One of the arrested suspects claimed to have manipulated World Cup qualifiers, according to a Daily Telegraph report. An alleged betting scammer assured an undercover investigator that he allegedly controlled an entire team from Africa. He is also said to have boasted that he could influence European leagues.

Six-figure sums for youth games

The Premier League was initially unaffected. Benjamin Best, author of Bought Football and an expert in the field, nevertheless believes: “The case in England is a clear sign of systematic betting fraud in European football. show how extensive the fraudulent betting network is.” Six arrests is just the tip of the iceberg.

For Best, the "football system" is "open to criminals and criminals in many places, which can't be said on In Singapore, I experienced first hand that betting syndicates deliberately reach out not only to players, but also to their advisors.” It was best to see on the spot how six-figure sums were bet on the games of the German youth A.

Embezzlement of money from the team's treasury

These games are especially popular because they often start in the morning, and because of the time difference, Asian betting barons consider them the perfect evening gambling overture.

An eccentric event was a bet on a duel between the youth teams of Turkmenistan and the Maldives. Although this game never took place, the players who bet on a 3-2 draw in favor of Turkmenistan won big. The dizziness came later.

Almost simultaneously with the arrests in Austria, a football player was also arrested. First division professional Dominik Taboga, most recently with SV Grödig, is reported to have not only embezzled €5,000 from the team's treasury, but was actively involved in the postponement of his club's games. The 31-year-old football player began an affair with a statement that he was being blackmailed by a former player of the national team. Now the defender himself is under investigation for manipulation, 26 more professionals are suspected.