Frontball lands in Havana, Cuba

Nov 13, 2016

Frontball was included in April as a modality of Basque Pelota. As part of the global development and expansion plan for our sports, we will hold the “Frontball Technical Seminar” next November 17 – 19 in Havana, Cuba.

Frontball is an easier and more accessible modality of Basque Pelota that can be played anywhere with “a ball and a wall”.

This seminaris part of the global development and expansion plan of the International Basque Pelota Federation.

 Havana, Cuba will host the Technical Frontball Seminar, November17 – 19. This is a key meeting in the development and expansion plan of the International Basque Pelota Federation to take the different modalities of Basque Pelota to more countries in the coming years (it now has a presence in 31countries).

Frontball is a new handball modality, which was included as a sports modality of Basque Pelota this year, as a result of the intent of the FIPV to incorporate a broader audience, shows and athletes to the world of Pelota. The characteristics of the Frontball make it a modern, simple and accessible sports, it motto is “a ball and a wall.”

Its main characteristic is that it is played in a single wall, without side walls, on a 7.5 x 11 m court. A 70 gram leather ball is used, with an85 gm trinquet; its diameter and weigh is smaller to allow the game to be played without guards, and to incorporate other groups, such as women and children.

This meeting will feature Julián García Angulo First Vice-President of FIPV, Jean This ichel Idiart, Frontball Founderand FIPV member, Lázaro Mendoza Simón, president of the Cuba nFederation and Paulo Hernández Eduardo, president of the Central American Confederation and FIPV member. One of the sessions will feature Orlando Díaz World Champion of Frontball.


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