Sep 22, 2016

Miguel Cardenal:

· «Basque pelota is one of the most spectacular modalities that exist and one of the few areas we can boast as our own cultural heritage»

· «The idea is to expand it. It is a sport that has important commercial possibilities and I am sure that it is going to have to have a relevant place in today’s world,  thanks to the work done by the FIPV and the Spanish Federation of pelota.»

Julián García Angulo:

· «We want to create an international circuit of this modality and Madrid has to be the starting point».

Madrid, 22nd September 2016

The Open Villa de Madrid Jai Alai has been presented this morning in the National Sports Council, in a ceremony chaired by its President, Miguel Cardinal. The tournament, which will run between Friday 23rd  and Saturday 24th September, will be held in the fronton court of the South area Sports Complex of the University City of Madrid.

Various authorities have participated in the act, such as Miguel Cardinal, Julián García Angulo (President of the Spanish Federation of pelota and Vice president of the International Federation of pelota), Javier Odriozola (Director of Sports of Madrid City Cuncil), Pablo Salazar Borda (General Director of Sports of the Community of Madrid), Mary Nagore Ferrer (Vice-Chancellor for University Extension, Culture and Sport at the UCM), Ignacio Arrola (Marketing Director of Mediapro and Carcaj), Pedro Pablo Sanmartín (Deputy Director of AS journal) and Carlos Ramos (Event Manager of Red Bull).

Moreover, the draw to choose the players has taken place. Iñaki Goikoetxea and Txabi Inza will be measured against Mikel Eguiguren and Gotzon Enbil, and Jean Holharan and Imanol Lopez will face Christophe Olha and Ibai Erkiaga.

An act will take place on Friday 12.00 am in the fronton court of the University City. Media and representatives of the collaborating entities, such as Miguel Cardenal, José Javier Hombrados, the marketing director of Red Bull and the marketing director of Mediapro will be present. The Spanish Clubs Championship will start at 16.00 and the International Championship Villa de Madrid will start at 18.30.


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