Norberto Tranche dies at the age of 86

Ago 9, 2016

On the 21st of July, Norberto Tranche passed away in Irún at the age of 86.

Norberto Tranche was born in Igantzi (Navarra), although he had lived in Irún since 1959.

He was a player of Mano, both in Frontón and Trinquete. In this modality, he participated in the 1962 World Championship in Pamplona, where he played in couple with Andueza III. Together they won the silver medal.

He was a member of the Materials Comission of the FIPV, until he had to quit due to his illness.

He was very well known in the professional Pelota arena, as he was the discoverer and the botillero (technical staff) of the French professional manista (hand player) Sébastien González.

He conveyed his passion for our sport to all those around him, specially to his son, Peio Tranche, who is an international referee in many of the competitions organized by the FIPV.

The FIPV regrets this loss and offers its condolences to his family, close ones and friends.

Rest in peace.


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