Successful bets on handball

There are only a few ball sports that can keep up with the pace of handball professionals. The game requires full physical activity, fast attacks are as fast in the program as many goals.

This fast action is also the reason why handball offers interesting betting opportunities at and also the advantage of being able to count.

Focus on your favorites

Our top tip number 1 is to put your favorites at the center of your bets.
In handball, the favorites win more often than, for example, in football. While it happens from time to time in football that an underdog wins a match because a lucky goal is scored, this is much less common in handball.

Due to the fast pace of the game with a large number of goals - the average game is more than 50 goals - it is more difficult for underdogs to hold their own against the favorites. One lucky hit is usually not enough to win the game.
Therefore, you will do well if you keep an eye on the favorites for your bets. This is all the more true when the favorites also enjoy home field advantage. On average, over 50% of home teams win a match.

With a handicap for a higher rating of favorites

If you want to bet on handball favorites and still get higher odds, a handicap bet is a good idea.
The losers get one or more extra goals and your favorites should win by that handicap goal difference.
As a numbers specialist, you can give yourself an advantage: in the game statistics you can see in the so-called head-to-head comparisons (H2H) how the last direct meetings of the teams turned out.

Draw - you can!

A draw in handball is much less common than in football. The fast-paced game action can turn a match into minutes. The result is rarely a draw.
However, if the match ends in a draw, there is very little to be gained. Because the low probability of a draw is reflected in the level of chances. Double digit odds are common. So betting on handball for a draw definitely makes sense!

In case of a draw, you get your money back

Another way to include a draw, or rather exclude it, is the draw back type of bet. Most good bookmakers now offer this bet. You bet on the victory of one of the two teams. If there is a tie, the bet is returned. This way, your money will only disappear if the other team wins.

Regardless of how you account for ties in your bets, let your inner bookkeeper run wild. Look at current statistics and incorporate the latest shape curve into your strategy. But a direct comparison of the two H2H teams also gives you important information about how likely a tie is.

More or less?

Over/Under bets are one of the most popular handball bets. You are betting that the total number of hits will be above or below a certain value. This gives you a 50-50 chance of being right.

Variety of over/under bets

With many sports betting providers, you can bet over/under not only on the whole match, but also on its halves or on one of the two teams. The odds are generally much higher than for the favorites and you can use your expert knowledge in a targeted manner.

To the attention of the scorers, information on how many goals are scored in a game, in one half or by a particular team is available on the Internet. Direct comparisons are an insightful basis for your over/under bets that you should not miss.
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