The 2019 Lima Pan American Games

May 17, 2016

On 29th of April, a long working meeting was organized by the PASO in Montevideo among Dr. Julio Maglione- member of the IOC, President of the PASO and President of the FINA-,  José Quiñones- President of the Peruvian Olympic Committee-, Luis Salazar Steiger- President of the Organizing Committee of the XVII 2019 Lima Pan American Games-, Xavier Cazaubon- President of the FIPV-, Marcello Filipeli- President of the Pan American Confederation of Pelota and Vice President of the FIPV-, Fernando Ucha- President of the Pan American Confederation of Remo-, Julio Noveri- Vice President of the Pan-American Confederation of Handball-, Julio Lezama- President of the Uruguayan Weightlifting Federation-, and Sergio Menéndez- President of the Uruguayan Confederation of Karate.

The main topic discussed were the XVII 2019 Lima Pan American Games, with an exchange of information from the Peruvian Sport authorities, informing on their meeting in Lausanne, and the solutions offered for each of the sport disciplines present at the meeting. 


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