The main referees of CDMX2023

Nov 8, 2023

The referees are an indivisible part of the competition, for Mexico City 2023, 7 with Principal status have been selected by the FIPV Referees Commission, following a proposal from their respective National Federations, they are the following :

  • Gabriel Omar Palladini (Argentina).
  • Marcos García Miravalles (Spain).
  • Judith Campoy Alvarez (Spain).
  • Séverine Graciet (Francia)
  • Jean François Mercadie (Francia)
  • Geslia Morales Xolalpa (Mexico)
  • Gilberto González Monroy (Mexico)

The auxiliaries, all of Mexican nationality, will also participate in the U22 World Championships 30 meter and 54 meter fronton, in the same number.

Good luck to everyone!!!

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